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At Rideau Cell Phone Plus, we also fix laptops, and provide laptop and computer services for our Ottawa customers. If you need to replace a broken laptop screen, a laptop battery, if your laptop is no longer charging, we can help. We also fix common laptop issues such as laptop virus and malware infections, boot failures and other common issues on Windows 10 and MacOS operating systems.

Laptop Diagnostics: Identifying problems and recommending fixes and upgrades for your laptop

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If your laptop is not working properly or you just need someone to look at it for repair or upgrade recommendations, we can help. We will run hardware and software test and troubleshooting to find out any problems with your laptop and recommend a solution. If you need an upgrade assessment, such as whether your RAM, hard drive or other software can run on your laptop, or whether your laptop’s operating system can be upgraded, we can help.

How much will it cost to diagnose your laptop:

We charge $45.00 diagnostics fee for all laptops.

Software Services & Installations: Operating System Troubleshooting, Windows & MacOS Installations & Troubleshooting & Application Installations

We fix common software and operating systems issues on both Windows and MacOS operating systems. We also provide assistance with software installations, device driver installations and any other software related issues you may need help with on your laptop.

Here are some common software services we may be able to help you with:

  • Creating backup of your laptop
  • Creating a recovery disk for your laptop
  • Installing or reinstalling your operating system
  • Installing software and printers
  • Antivirus installation

If you are having issues installing a particular computer program, or need to make sure that your laptop is setup properly for your type of work, e.g email setup, network connectivity, antivirus and other essential software, we can help.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing starts at $79.00 and does not include software costs.

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Laptop Hardware Upgrade & Replacement: Replacing malfunctioning laptop hardware and upgrading laptops for better performance

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Devices on your laptop may stop working for a number of reasons, and sometimes you may need to upgrade some devices for better performance and for capacity. We replace and upgrade laptop memory, laptop hard drives and laptop screens and many other laptop parts that you may need to have replaced and upgraded.

Screen Replacement

Fan Replacement

Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade

Battery Replacement

Keyboard Replacement

Memory Replacement/Upgrade

DC Jack Replacement

Motherboard Repair/Replacement

How much does it cost?

There is a labour and part cost. Get in touch with us for pricing on hardware replacement and upgrades.

Laptop Virus Removal & Computer System Cleanup, Tuneup & Optimization

We provide a computer virus malware and virus removal service for laptops that have been infected with a computer virus or malware. We also perform laptop hardware and software cleanups and tuneups, and laptop performance optimizations to make sure your laptop runs faster, and all devices are operating optimally.

Malware and Virus Removal

A malware or virus infection exposes your laptop to data theft, and can make your device slow and difficult to use. We will scan, analyze and remove all malware and viruses leaving your laptop free of all malware and virus. We will also recommend security measures to make sure your laptop is never infected again.

Laptop Cleanup & Tuneup

If your laptop is slow, and you can hardly perform any tasks, it may be time for a cleanup and tuneup. We do both hardware and software cleanups and tuneups. We will open up your laptop and clean up your laptop’s fan, motherbaord and other devices, put fresh CPU thermal paste on your laptop’s CPU. We will also perform several operating system and disk cleanup tasks.

Laptop Performance Optimization

We perform a complete system optimization, making sure that unnecessary services and softwares are not running, and making sure programs use laptop resources only when needed.
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