Premium Solution For Macbook Repairs

We are Rideau Cell Phone, a smartphone and Laptop repair shop in downtown Ottawa, beside the Rideau Center. We provide Laptop repair services for Mac Book devices and much more. We also boast of being the only Laptop and cellphone accessories store in Ottawa that offers premium, high quality accessories at affordable prices. We are also fully licensed for second hand goods sales.

Macbook repair in ottawa

Fast Mac Book Repair Service

We do same day repairs for most Mac Books problems. We can have your Mac Book screen replaced the same day. Our skilled technicians are well trained in all manner of Mac Book repairs. Your Mac Book will be taken care of and returned to you in perfect working order once we are done with the repairs.

Trade, Buy & Sell A Mac Book

As a licensed second hands goods dealer, we trade, buy and sell new and used Mac Books. During a trade and selling, Rideau Mac Book will assess your device’s condition and give a quote. You must be ready to present you ID, and proof that you own the device. We also sell new Mac Books, which you can buy in our downtown Ottawa location.