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Even if you are the most meticulous MacBook owner the world has ever seen, accidents sometimes happen and you may have to pay hundreds of dollars on repairs if they do. The total cost of repairs is determined by the type of damage and its severity. For example, replacing a screen under warranty is less expensive than repairing other sorts of damage.

If you don’t think your MacBook needs physical protection, consider how much it could cost you if you dropped it or spilled something on it. A one-year warranty is commonly included with MacBooks. This insurance covers harm caused by manufacturing flaws. This implies that if you drop your MacBook and the screen shatters, the warranty will not cover it. As comfortable as a guarantee may appear, it does not protect you against accidents. This means you are responsible for any harm you cause.

Protection with Apple Care ++ and its Pros and Cons

Accidents are not covered by your original warranty, but AppleCare+ does cover these accidents. This program allows you to extend your warranty up to three years from the date of purchase. The main distinction is that you are also covered for two accidental accidents.

Even if, a single key gets damaged, its repair is not cheap and costs you a lot of money with or without a warranty. The screen is one of the most typical repairs. Prices start at $250 (not including work) and go up depending on the MacBook’s age and model. If you need a hard drive replaced, expect to pay between $225 and $450. Technicians will give you an estimate based on the kind of damage. For example, you may ask the Apple Genius Bar for an estimate on the cost of repairing your MacBook.

If your MacBook is covered with AppleCare+, the most you’ll have to pay for the damage is $348 for a dented screen. This covers the warranty and the incident costs. If it happens again, you’ll be charged an extra $99. You must pay hourly fees as well as the cost of the hardware to repair your MacBook if you do not have insurance. Expect to pay over $300 on average for the most basic fixes. Prevention is significantly less expensive than paying for repairs afterward.

If you get a protective cover and/or sleeve for your MacBook, you won’t have to worry about losing hundreds of dollars if it gets wet. The Hexpact MacBook case, for example, is a mere $49.99. Even under warranty, this is less expensive than the servicing price. Furthermore, you are protected against more than two incidents.

MacBook Repair in Ottawa

When you drop your MacBook, one of the first things that get damaged is the screen. They cost hundreds of dollars in replacement and aren’t always worth it. The question arises, is it really worth spending so much money on a screen replacement, or should you just purchase another MacBook instead?  It is not financially effective to repair a MacBook screen since new Macbooks with retina displays cost between $455 and $755. $755 is almost as much as the $999 MacBook Air 2021. Because MacBooks only last 5-8 years, it is preferable to spend the money on a new MacBook Pro.


But this is not it, RCP Plus is also known as Rideau Cell Phone which is a smartphone repair shop in downtown Ottawa, beside the Rideau Center. This is the place you can trust with your MacBook repairs with. They deal with all types of repairs and are the real experts. RCP Plus not only deals with smartphone repairs but also deals with MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro Repairs. They provide a variety of MacBook repair services. They also take pride in being Ottawa’s only laptop and smartphone accessory store with skilled technicians to solve all the problems regarding your gadget, whether it’s screen replacement, battery problems, water damage, or any other problem.

Most Mac Book problems are solved on the same day and the Mac Book screen may be changed on the same day. Expert technicians at RCP Plus have extensive experience with all types of Mac Book repairs. Once the repairs are completed, care of the Mac Book is taken and returned to the customer in perfect working order.

If the Mac Book issue is regarding battery, then maybe it can be repaired by following some simple tips given by the company that will help to maximize the battery performance. Other repairs concerning Mac Book, iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro can easily be solved by bringing your device to RCP Plus, located in downtown Ottawa as their only aim is to repair all damages and minimize the problem from reoccurring again at a very low price but a high-quality repair that your device needs.







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